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您好,您的问题似乎表意不明,完善一下您的问题吧。 如果回答有不完善的地方,或不明白的地方,可以追问 希望采纳 谢谢!

japanese noodle,日本面条,源自中国传统汤面。 当然不会有毒,除非做的时候真的有人想谋财害命故意下药。 日本的味千拉面风味还是相当不错的。



Japanese is one of the healthiest and long lived nations in the world, and it’s their healthy diet that’s thought to be largely responsible. Compared with others, they eat roughly twice the amount of cereals, less than one fift...

一、学习目标 词汇学习本单元的重点词和汇短语:look tired, worry about, find out, fall off, move away, hurry off, after a while, at once, come to oneself 句型 1.You'd better do sth. 2.You'd better not do sth. 3.Go as quickly a...

INFO Ramen is a very popular type of Japanese noodles. Although ramen is a relative newcomer to Japanese cuisine, it was reportedly eaten in ...

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