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两个都要用到 嫂子用 sister-in-law 没错 但当你要分清楚的时候,就要用brother’s wife 因为你丈夫或老婆的姐妹,就是妻姨或小姑也叫sister-in-law啊 那你就要用my husband‘s sister 或 my wife's sister 了


歌曲名:friend, lover, sister, mother/wife 歌手:Prince 专辑:emancipation If I ever held a hand It was only because I'd never held ur hand That was part of the plan I had 2 get it right If I was 2 b ur man And if I ever kissed ur...

i run for life

i am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. 我是一个妻子同时是一个母亲,一个女儿,一个姐姐和一位朋友

younger sister of my wife came to my home 我小姨来到我的家 双语对照 例句: 1. Betty: my friends came to my home. 贝蒂:我的朋友们来我家了。 2. When my sister came home from college one summer. 有年暑假我妹妹从学校回家的时候


Austerlitz an Austrian immigrant and traveling salesman and his wife Ann Geilus Austerlitz. Fred's sister Adele was older (98)_B___ eighteen months. ...

Would you and your wife like to come ?” Mr Brown says , “Thank you...A. He’s my sister’s friend . B. He is my friend. C. He is a ...

The wife told her husband that unless he 【left】 the children 【to】 ... and Hansel 【made】a plan to 【save】 himself and his sister.葛雷特听到...

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